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Where money is digital and works by itself.

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Financial Revolution has began

The Pampa Coin is an Open-Source-, Peer-to-Peer-, community-guided decentralized crypto currency, that gives you the possibility to save your capital in a non-government controled currency, to invest and to even achieve a significant investment interest. That means that everybody, who has Pampa Coin (PAMPA) in his wallet, gets earnings for his credits, to keep the security of the network.

Get the financial freedom with a secure and practical alternative to the centralized banc system. With crypto currency you are on the way to a financial and safe independency, that you always wished for. The identity theft, lack of the personal contact with the bank and incentives, that are never good for the customers, we can not accept anymore!

You can get into a very promising and lucrative future very fast on the worldwide level. Be a part of the Pampa-community- fast and uncomplicated! At the moment, as you mine or acquire an Pampa Coin, it becomes an interest-bearing capital.



Maximum Coin Quantity


Available Coins




Total Market Capitalisation

The Beneficts of Pampa Coin

A strong worldwide community and you can be part of it.

Strong Community

Move within an Open-Source-Platform, that gives you the possibility to combine on a social and financial level with a secure, protected and strong community of investors and like-minded people.

Financial Freedom

Increase your finances with the Pampa Coin investment tool with a maximal coin limit of 80 millions.

100% decentralised

The Pampa POW / POS (Proof of Stake) protects the Pampa Coin on the decentralized level. All transactions are executed between the users directly and not by a centralised organisation.

Earning increase

Connect with the community and mine Pampa. If the price of the Pampa raises exponentially, your profit raises exponentially, too.

Download PAMPA Wallet

Start your financial freedom by downloading an Pampa coin wallet of your choice.


Be a pioneer and join us in the beginning of a huge future.

The beginning of a huge future.

The Exchange starts the 1st of December 2017 at 8 o`clock a.m. and finishes the 31st of January 2018 at 6 o`clock p.m. This pre-sale is going to be proceed directly from Pampa itself. In Exchange will be sold maximal 7 millions PAMPA (Pampa Coin), that is nearly 9% of the entire IVC (80 millions PAMPA). Further informations you can find under the link below.

- Coin Algorithm Scrypt (PoW/PoS)
- Coin Abbreviation : PAMPA
- Maximum Coin Supply : 80 millions
- Coin base maturity : 50 blocks
- Total PoW block : 262800
- PoW block reward : 10 PAMPA
- Block Spacing : 2 minutes
- Minimum Stake Age : 15 days
- Maximum Stake Age : 90 days



People behind Pampa

The team that created Pampa Coin.

Phil Steiner

Project Manager / Developer

With his expertise in cryptocurrency and investment he is leading the Pampa project team.

Obrad Djurdjevic


Obrad is a Swiss developer and one of the important persons in the creation the Pmapa coin.

Mike Torres


Mike is a well know developer with the technical expertise in creating coins, is managing the technical support team.


If you have any technical questions, we will be glad to help you.

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